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Better™ Gift Shop

Better™ Gift Shop was created to bring cultural, social and artistic ideas to life. Offering inspiration and a platform for art, it works with a network of collaborators to design and create objects that share their stories and foster a global community. Read about them in GQ.

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.10.52 PM.png

Better™ approached me to design a collection of items for their line. Here's a pair of socks which I was excited to make, I love fun socks! I especially enjoyed designing the packaging, another thing I love, fun packaging!

They wanted a design that was colorful and fun. Better™ is known to work with a lot of artists. To reference this crowd I thought of splattered paint, a fun way to be colorful. My initial roughs...

Better TM Socks Sketch 2.jpg
Better sketches 1.jpg
better gift shop socks 1.jpg
Better Gift Shop Socks.jpg
Better Gift Shop Flatush Brown Socks Pac

I then went on to design the pattern elements and the packaging. It was a lot of fun to do!

Splat float 2.png
better gift shop socks 2.jpg
Splat float.png

With a mutual love for vintage souvenir glasses we thought a printed drinking glass would be a great addition to their line of products. For their crowd they wanted a cocktail drinking glass. So referencing 70's vintage graphics, I wanted to design a graphic to go with the popular phrase "The Devil Made Me Do It"

Better Devil Sketch.jpg

They were so in love with my pencil sketch that they wanted exactly that. I couldn't give it to them without tightening up a bit. So I made this...

Devil drawing.jpg
Better Gift SHop Socks 3.jpg
better flatbush brown devil shirt.jpg
Better Gift Shop Shirt Shot.jpg
Better TM DEVIL MADE ME small.jpg
Better TM DEVIL MADE ME.jpeg
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