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Soner 'Flatbush Brown' Ön
I'm an illustrator with a deep love for quality character design and fun custom lettering.

I'm passionate about how much value, loyalty, and comfort a greatly designed character or mascot can add to a brand's success. 

I extensively research and collect characters of past and present branding history, studying their failures and triumphs to inform the characters I design for the future.

I love sharing this information with brands on an advisory level so they don't repeat mistakes of the past.

I was born and grew up in the diverse neighborhood of Flatbush in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents. I now live by a river in Pennsylvania with my lovely wife Mel and our rescue dog Shadow.
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Selected Clients

Glossier Inc., MTV, Brooklyn Museum, Ollie's Pizza, Playground Coffee, Better™ Gift Shop, Van Zee Sign Co., Bloomberg Businessweek, Housefly Fishing, Yellow Cab Pizza Co., Lucky Peach Magazine, Ghostly International

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