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Soner 'Flatbush Brown' Ön

I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, & brand consultant passionate about engaging design that create lasting connection between a brand and their audience.


My lifelong passion for character design along with fun standout graphics has led me to designing mascots for brands within my visual identity work.


My other passion is custom hand lettering. Whether that’s used for unique logos, brand packaging, film titles, or editorial illustrations, I love to letter!


As a collector & researcher I have built an extensive brand mascot reference library of past to present brand characters throughout advertising history that I refer to when consulting. I study ad history’s brand mascot fails and wins to better advise my clients.


With my background in printing, publishing, and production design, I offer communication with print vendors and exclusively work in vector delivering clean graphics ready for usage.


I grew up in the very diverse neighborhood of Flatbush aka "Little Caribbean" in Brooklyn, NY to Turkish immigrant parents. My exposure to art growing up was cereal boxes and packaging at the supermarket, Saturday morning animated cartoons on tv, comic strips, and tattoos on my older cousins.


These days I live by a river in Pennsylvania with my lovely wife Melanie who runs Tablespoons Kitchen who makes delicious healthy food, and our very loved rescue dog Shadow. I enjoy finding and learning more about music from all over the world and I’ll always be excited to try a new fruit I’ve never had before. Oh and one time I won a burrito eating contest!

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Selected Clients

Glossier Inc., MTV, Brooklyn Museum, Loop Online, Bloomberg, Ollie's Pizza, The Baffler, Lucky Peach, Ghostly International

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