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Two Seas Cyclery

Two Seas Cyclery is a new full service bicycle repair shop located in Brooklyn NY. A pro-cyclist’s haven for high quality bikes, parts, and precision work by Amir Toussi, an expert mechanic and bike builder who's specialty lies in high quality frame-up  bike builds.


Having spent close to a decade working and managing bike shops in NYC, He is opening his own location in South Williamsburg. Two Seas needed a visual identity that not only stood out but felt like a fun and inviting place for the wide array of cyclists in New York City as well as a place for high end cyclists.

Two Seas Cyclery Logo Website 2023.png

When we first spoke Amir wanted an identity that stood out amongst the myriad of cycling brands in the industry. During our Discovery phase he listed influences such as New York City iconography, bold sporty design of the 1980s, & Art Deco.

Two Seas Website type samples 2023.png

During the design phase I started logo-first trying to build typography all based on Art Deco. It wasn't working. I was trying to build type when my strengths are more with lettering, pivoted in the initial concept sketch phase.

Two Seas Website logoi fail samples 2023.png
Two Seas Website logoi fail samples 2023.png

Thinking of Art Deco more as a time period as opposed to a specific set of parameters within it's typography helped place me in the 1930s. Guided by what I would identify best with during that time period, I went back in time to some of my most loved animation studios, Termite Terrace of Looney Tunes fame and my fellow Brooklynites, Fleischer Studios. 

Two Seas TOON samples 2023.png

We tried several seagulls as well as a shorebird with our common love for Rockaway Beach. I wanted the body language to be cool, joyful, and unflappable! Some work along the way from sketch to our final design. 

Two Seas Mascot Logo 2.png
Two Seas Early Character Sketches 2023.png
Two Seas Merch Shot white tee.png
Two Seas Mascot Logo 1.png
TWO SEAS Cyclery logo band 2023.png
Two Seas Web Small Mascot Logo 2023.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 3.32.31 PM.png
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