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Housefly Fishing

Nestled along the banks of the Lackawaxen River in the town of Hawley, Pennsylvania, resides Housefly; a fishing shop that strives to marry fly fishing, tying essentials, and conservation with local and international art. Opened in the spring of 2021, avid fishermen and founders Sean Witman, Tim Miller, and Dan Santoro offer an eclectic approach to fishing retail. It has been gaining admiration with fishing and outdoor communities alike.

houselfy floater.png

Even before Housefly Fishing existed it's founders would organize volunteer-based community river and lake clean-ups. 


Housefly asked me to design a character for these clean ups, an official mascot for the Housefly Clean-Up Crew.


Inspired by the famous Litterbug character, we wanted an anti-litter bug for the Housefly Clean-Up Crew. 

Being a collector of vintage Litterbug character collectibles I had quite a reference library for this design. The original litterbug is nastier looking, I mean he does love to litter! Our's was gonna be friendlier.

Litterbug  5.jpg
Litterbug 6.jpg
Litterbug 2.jpg
clean up bug sketch 3.jpg

My second round I made sure the character was friendly, not as cutesy. This version needed just a little more grit and to give more of a nod to the classic Litterbug. Still

fun and with good intentions with references to fly-fishing. 

Housefly sketch.jpg

Initial phases of the mascot were cute but too cute. In this situation it wouldn't help a brand and worse confuse it's audience. 

clean up bug sketch1.png
Clean up crew sketch 2.png

We paired the final drawing with the group's favorite font Cooper Black to give it a bold and fun but also classic look. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 7.05.01 PM.png

Our final design was printed on high-visibility safety neon shirts and given to all the volunteers that showed up to clean the Lackawaxen River and neighboring Middle Creek.

Houselfy New Main.jpg
Housefly Post 1 Bug.jpg
Houselfy Main 1.jpg
houselfy flatbush brown shirt.jpg
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